Local Crime Prevention Division

The meeting of the local crime prevention divisionThe tasks of the Division are to develop and plan local crime prevention work, to promote cooperation between the authorities and local communities, to provide information at local level, and to gather information on the best practices in crime prevention work.

The Division has had an active role in drawing up the National Crime Prevention Programme. The purpose of the Crime Prevention Programme is to promote local participation in crime prevention, in improving the safety of residents and in offering an attractive living environment. The Programme includes measures that aim to strengthen the role of the local actors such as residents, authorities, companies and organisations in the crime prevention work. The Division participated in workshops organised in different parts of Finland to gather information on these measures. The key goal is to clarify the role of local crime prevention work in municipalities and to include it in the municipal strategies and the municipal safety and welfare work.

During the spring and summer 2017, local crime prevention work will be promoted in regional seminars to be held around Finland. Crime prevention, increasing safety and possibilities for involving residents at local level are themes to be discussed in these seminars.

In 2017, the Division for Local Crime Prevention Division was responsible for examining the status of crime prevention work in municipalities through a questionnaire drawn up in cooperation with the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. The purpose of the questionnaire was to examine how the work aiming to prevent crime and increase safety is organised in municipalities. In addition, information was collected on whether professionals with duties in local crime prevention are interested in training that would to improve the skills they need in the crime prevention and safety work.

Members of local crime prevention division


Matti Koskinen, Head of Safety and Preparedness Unit, City of Helsinki


Jarmo Heinonen, Chief Inspector, Helsinki Police Department

Päivi Kurikka, Senior Adviser, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

Pentti Lemmetyinen, CEO, Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses

Thomas Sundell, Lawyer, Regional State Administrative Agency, Western and Inland Finland

Maria Wakeham-Hartonen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Justice

Jani Kotoaro, Lawyer, Criminal Sanctions Agency

Pia Rosengård-Andersson, Family Affair Specialist, Folkhälsan

Pekka Heikkinen, Police Inspector, National Police Board

Saija Sambou, Senior Planning Officer, from the Secretariat of the National Council for Crime Prevention, is the Division’s secretary.