About website

The National Council for Crime Prevention is a crime prevention expert and cooperation agency. The website of the Council provides information on work of the Council and crime prevention in Finland. This website is produced by the secretariat of the Council and its editor-in-chief is Riikka Kostiainen.

Finnish and Swedish pages are more extensive.

The aim is to ensure the correctness and topicality of the content of the website. The Council is not responsible for possible technical mistakes appearing on the website. Nor is the Council responsible for the harmful consequences of a technical fault or such material linked to the website that is published by outside parties.


Each of the Finnish, Swedish and English pages has a search function with which to search for information on the web pages of the Council. The sitemap also facilitate the search for information.


The internal links of the Council open up in the same browser window. External links open up in a new browser window. Links to the content of the page are as a rule to be found after the content.

Linking to the website

The Council for Crime Prevention holds all rights to the text and pictures published on the website, unless otherwise mentioned.

Linking to the website is freely allowed and the texts may be quoted, but the source must then necessarily be stated. Other use of the material requires special permission from the secretariat.

Automatic collection of data and processing of identification data

The website of the Council is open to everyone and browsing does not require registration. Personal data on the users of the service enabling identification of individual users are not collected. Statistics on the use of the service, i.e., on the total number of visitors, the most popular pages, from what pages the visitors have entered the website and the exit page, are collected. The website uses cookies for monitoring visitors.

Identification data are recorded only for the sake of ensuring and developing the technical realization and use of the website. Only the personnel in charge of these tasks can process identification data to the extent required by their duties. Identification data must not be disclosed to third parties in situations other than those prescribed by law.

Feedback and additional information

Feedback on the content of the website can be given to the secretariat of the Council for Crime prevention, address rikoksentorjunta(at)om.fi. Feedback can also be sent using the form for feedback on our pages. Additional information is also given by the secretariat.