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Nordic Co-operation

Nordic organisations for crime prevention have collaborated with each other already for a long time. The cultural and linguistic ties between the Nordic countries and their similar views on crime prevention create a favourable environment for co-operation. The Nordic crime prevention organisations convene regularly to discuss topical issues in the field of crime prevention.

Nordic crime prevention organisations

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention Brå is an agency operating under the auspices of the Swedish Government and in cooperation with other Swedish authorities. Brå produces and publishes Sweden's official crime statistics and other reports and studies. Furthermore, Brå organises the Stockholm Criminology Symposium, which is an annual international conference focusing on criminology and criminal policy.

In Norway, the Competence Center for Crime Prevention KFK is an independent authority operating under the Norwegian Government. The KFK compiles and disseminates information and best practices related especially to local crime prevention work. The KFK started its operations in August 2015 and took over many of the tasks of the former National Crime Prevention Council (KRÅD).

The Danish Crime Prevention Council DKR is a network consisting of key organisations, authorities and other professionals in the field of crime prevention in Denmark. The DKR coordinates the activities of professionals carrying out crime prevention work and provides information and advice on crime prevention.

Iceland does not have a similar council for crime prevention as the other Nordic countries. Crime prevention and other promotion of security are at the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior.

Annual Meetings and Joint Projects

The Nordic crime prevention organisations arrange annual meetings to discuss topical issues and themes in the field. The meeting is organised each year by the country which holds the presidency. The presidency rotates between the Nordic countries and lasts for one year at a time. In September 2018, the crime prevention organisations held their annual meeting in Norway.

The latest Nordic joint project (2017) concerned young adult dating violence. Within the project, information on country-specific projects on the prevention of dating violence and their effectiveness was gathered. In 2014, the Nordic crime prevention organisations carried out a joint project on neighbourhood help, which studied Nordic residents’ opportunities to get involved in the work to increase safety and comfort in their own living environment. In 2007–2008, a joint project related to the prevention of violence was carried out.

Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (NSfK)

The Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (NSfK) furthers criminological research within the member countries and advises the Scandinavian governments on issues related to criminology. The NSfK arranges research seminars, awards research and travel grants, and publishes a scientific journal called Nordic Journal of Criminology. All five Nordic countries participate in the activities of the Council. The Chair of the Council rotates between the Nordic countries. The daily administration is attended to by a secretariat located in the country of the chairperson – at the moment in Sweden (2019–2021). 

The annual research seminars organised by the Council focus on a specific theme in the field of criminology.

Websites of the Nordic Organisations

Brottsförebyggande rådet (Sweden)

Kompetansesenter for kriminalitetsforebyggning (KFK) (Norway)

Det Kriminalpraeventive Råd (DKR) (Danmark)

Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (NSfK)