Research Division

The meeting of the Research Division of the Council The task of the Research Division is to examine the best practices in crime prevention and the related research, make research initiatives, participate in the preparation of crime prevention reviews, and monitor the development of the crime rate.

Best Practises and Evaluation Research

In the examination of best practices, the Division takes a strong research perspective with a particular emphasis on evaluation research. The best crime prevention practices are backed up by research-based evidence on reducing or preventing crime or on increasing safety in a certain sector. The Research Division seeks to promote impact assessment and this way highlight the methods whose effectiveness has been proven by research. The Division also promotes process evaluations and systematic reviews.

The Division contributes to the dissemination of research data and compilation of the results by developing a database for Finnish evaluation research on crime prevention. The aim is to organise the database so that the objective of the evaluation, the method used in the evaluation, the contents of the evaluated procedure and the results of the evaluation are clearly indicated to the user.

Database on Finnish evaluation research on crime prevention

The Division has participated in developing the database on Finnish evaluation research on crime prevention. The Institute of Criminology and Criminal Policy has collected and summarzed all existent national evaluation research on crime preventative measures on the database. The database for evaluation research is meant to be permanent and updated continuously. 

Research Initiatives

The Division makes research initiatives on three levels:

1) Prerequisites and infrastructures for the research on crime prevention. The Division pays special attention to the expertise and training in impact assessment research, the funding of research on crime prevention, the promotion of evaluation culture and experimental culture, issues concerning publication forums, and the promotion of the principle of open data.

2) National monitoring systems. The Division examines and gives recommendations concerning the national monitoring systems for crime and safety and the status of crime prevention perspective in these.

3) Specific research needs. The Division makes research initiatives also on specific research subjects it holds important in the field of crime prevention.

Monitoring the Development of the Crime Rate

In monitoring the development of the crime rate, the Division emphasises a research-based perspective and relies on the existing criminological monitoring resources. The Division develops local safety surveys. The goal is that the surveys take account of the new safety risks and concerns, a corporate perspective, and equivalence with the national indicator systems.

The Division participated in the preparation of the crime prevention review published in December 2017. The review examines fraud prevention.


Members of the Research Division


Janne Kivivuori, Research Director, University of Helsinki, Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy


The term of the divison is 1.1.2019–30.11.2021.

Database on evaluation research on crime prevention

The goal of crime preventative practices is working towards decreasing crime and increasing the safety of the citizens. But how do various practices succeed in reaching this goal?

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