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Crime Prevention in Finland

Crime prevention aims to reduce crime and its harmful effects and to increase safety and the sense of security in society. Very different approaches may be applied in the crime prevention efforts.

Crime Prevention Activities

Crime prevention perspective into urban planning

Crime prevention perspective into urban planning

A recent review deals with the improvement of safety in the local environment and gives recommendations on how to take the crime prevention perspective into consideration in the planning and how to engage residents in the planning process.

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Working Together

Working Together

National Crime Prevention Programme 2016−2020 "Working Together for Safer and More Secure Communities" defines the development of local crime prevention work and the improvement of residents’ opportunities to participate and exert influence in crime prevention as the priority areas for crime prevention work.

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National Council for Crime Prevention

The Finnish Council for Crime Prevention incorporates representatives of the central ministries, municipal government, criminological research, organizations and commercial life.

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Evalution on Crime Prevention

Crime preventative measures strive towards decreasing crime and increasing the safety of the citizens. How do different preventative measures succeed in achieving this goal in Finland?

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Safety walk

The safety walk is a way to get the residents, officials, organizations, companies and property owners as well as other central agents to meet each other and to talk about the unsafe or even dangerous areas within their living environment together with an expert.

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