Tasks of the Council

The tasks of the National Council for Crime Prevention are:

  • to monitor the crime situation and collect information on how crime may be effectively prevented;
  • to further the cooperation of agencies that have impact on crime prevention in order to improve the coordination of crime prevention projects and other activities and projects;
  • to prepare programmes and to make initiatives and proposals that concern crime prevention, the minimising of the costs of crime, and measures for improving security;
  • to further information concerning the possibilities, methods and recommended practices of crime prevention, and to maintain and develop a crime prevention information service;
  • to make initiatives regarding research projects that provide knowledge serving to improve crime prevention, and to develop planning and methods of crime prevention;
  • to give expert opinions on plans of authorities and other agencies that may have an impact on crime or that intend to prevent crime, and to provide expert guidance for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of such activities;
  • to prepare regular assessments of crime problems, with recommendations for crime reduction measures;
  • to maintain contacts with foreign and international crime prevention agencies; and
  • to carry out other tasks given by the Ministry of Justice.

(Statute on the National Council for Crime Prevention 396/2007, 2 §.)