The National Council for Crime Prevention

logo The National Council for Crime Prevention is a crime prevention expert and cooperation agency, established in the Ministry of Justice, Finland. The goal is to decrease the harm caused by crime and to increase security.

The Council has been in its current form since 1999, but was originally established 10 years earlier. The Council incorporates representatives of the central ministries, municipal government, criminological research, commercial and industrial life. The Council consists of a chairperson and deputy chairperson, and 15 members and their substitutes, who are nominated for three-year terms.

The primary concern is on local crime prevention, and the Council supports such local activity by means of providing expert guidance, informing relevant agents about the program, and participating in the decision-making related to financial support provided for by the Ministry of Justice.

The previous term of the national Council for crime Prevention ended in 2021. The Council is to be reappointed in autumn 2023.

The organisation of the Council

The National Council for Crime Prevention has a chairperson, a deputy chairperson and 15 members and their substitutes, appointed by the Government for a term of three years at a time. The previous term of the Council ended in 2021. A new Council has not yet been appointed.

Organisation and Secretariat

International Co-operation

The Council participates in many international contexts to promote crime prevention. Cooperation with the crime prevention councils of the other Nordic countries is an important part of our work. The Council also participates in crime prevention cooperation in the European Union and the United Nations.

About international activities

Tasks and Activities

The Council prepare for example regular assessments of crime problems, with recommendations for crime reduction measures. During the term 2018–2021, the priorities of the Council are: to strengthen the knowledge base for crime prevention, to develop local crime prevention work, to promote the evaluation of the crime prevention and to promote the implemention of the national crime prevention program.

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