Finland’s Presidency of the EUCPN started

Publication date 1.7.2019 15.37
News item
The Presidency of the EUCPN moved 1 July from Romania to Finland.

Finland took over the Presidency of the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) from 1 July to 31 December. During our Presidency, the main focus will be on the reduction and prevention of drug-related crime and harms caused by drug abuse among young people.

The offending of the adolescents has diminished in many European countries. Even though increasingly few young people commit serious crimes, the repeated offending accumulates in a small group of young people. This group of youngsters has been recognized as a target group of crime prevention activities. These youngsters are often school drop-outs and they suffer from various social and mental health problems, substance abuse, unemployment, lacking life skills, experiences of victimization and risk of social exclusion. These various symptoms of persistent offending and deviant behaviour have driven them to marginal positions and exclusion from the society.

The Finnish Presidency organizes the exchange of the best practices on this theme under the auspices of the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA). The ECPA has been, since the start of the EUCPN, one of the essential events of the network. The Best Practice Conference will be held 11–12 December in Helsinki.

More information: EUCPN Chair Minna Piispa tel. +358 295 150 332 and EUCPN National Representative Saija Sambou tel. +358 295 150 352, e-mail: [email protected].