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Members of the Council for Crime Prevention 2018–2021

The Council consists of a chairperson and deputy chairperson, and 15 members and their substitutes, who are nominated for three-year terms. 

 Sakari Melander, Professor, University of Helsinki

Deputy Chair
Seppo Kolehmainen, National Police Commissioner, National Police Board

(personal substitutes in parenthesis)

Ari-Pekka Koivisto, Head of Department, Ministry of Justice
(Maria Wakeham-Hartonen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Justice)

Eila Lempiäinen, Senior Planning Officer, Criminal Sanctions Agency
(Olli Kaarakka, Senior Teacher, the Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services)

Sanna Mikkola, District Judge, Espoo District Court
(Sakari Tuominen, Detective Chief Inspector, Central Finland Police Department)

Sami Ryhänen, Assistant Police Commissioner, Ministry of the Interior
(Tuomas Pöyhönen, Chief Superintendent, National Police Board)

Heli Nederström, Counsellor of Education, Ministry of Education and Culture
(Kristina Kaihari, Counsellor of Education, Finnish National Board of Education)

Ismo Tuominen, Ministerial Counsellor, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
(Aulikki Ahlgrén-Rimpiläinen, Senior Medical Officer, National Institute for Health and Welfare)

Ari Korhonen, Security and Preparedness Specialist, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
(Niina Snö, Head of Unit, City of Helsinki, City Executive Office)

Matleena Haapala, Legal Adviser, Ministry of the Environment
(Ulla-Kirsikka Vainio, Mayor, City of Rovaniemi)

Janne Kivivuori, Professor, University of Helsinki, Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy
(--, University of Helsinki, Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy)

Jussi Pajuoja, Research Director, University of Eastern Finland
(Lotta Haikkola, Research Manager (temp.), Finnish Youth Research Society)

Tiina Toivonen, Manager of Legal Affairs, Federation of Finnish Enterprises
(Niko Saxholm, Director, Federation of Finnish Financial Services)

Seppo Lehto, Senior Officer for Rescue Services, Regional State Administrative Agency, Lapland
(Kullervo Lehikoinen, Senior Officer for Rescue Services, Regional State Administrative Agency, Eastern Finland)

Pentti Lemmetyinen, CEO, Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses
(Pia Rosengård-Andersson, Family Affair Specialist, Folkhälsan)

Maria Viljanen, Manager of Welfare and Healt, The Finnish Red Cross
(Sami Puumala, Advisor, Church Council)

Marjut Vuorela, Lawyer, The Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged
(Leena-Kaisa Åberg, Executive Director, Victim Support Finland)