Members of the Council for Crime Prevention 2024–2027

The Council consists of a chairperson and deputy chairperson, and 16 members and their substitutes, who are nominated for three-year terms. 

Sakari Melander, Professor, University of Helsinki

Deputy Chair
Seppo Kolehmainen, National Police Commissioner, National Police Board

(personal substitutes in parenthesis)

Lauri Rautio, Head of Unit, Ministry of Justice
(Maria Wakeham-Hartonen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Justice)

Heidi Kankainen, Chief Police Inspector, Ministry of the Interior
(Sami Nevalainen, Chief Police Inspector, Ministry of the Interior)

Jari Keinänen, Director, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
(Minna Viuhko, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health)

Heli Nederström, Counsellor of Education, Ministry of Education and Culture
(Marja Pulkkinen, Senior Officer Ministry of Education and Culture)

Pauliina Penttilä, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Transport and Communications
(Samuli Bergström, Director, National Cyber Security Centre, 
Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom)

Jaana Nevalainen, Environmental Counsellor, Ministry of the Environment
(Matleena Haapala, Senior Adviser for Legislative Affairs, Ministry of the Environment)

Jani Lehto, Chief Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
(Terhi Kuljukka-Rabb, Chief Specialist, Finnish Commerce Federation)

Sanna Mikkola, Counsellor of the Court of Appeal, Helsinki Court of Appeal 
(Jussi Sjöblom, District Prosecutor, National Prosecution Authority)

Antti Kanerva, Head of Unit, Prison and Probation Service of Finland
(Minna Saukko, Director, Prison and Probation Service of Finland)

Tuomas Pöyhönen, Police Inspector, National Police Board
(Petri Danielsson, Senior Researcher, National Bureau of Investigation)

Ari Korhonen, Head of Development, Association of Finnish Municipalities
(Jouni Perttula, Risk Management and Security Director, City of Tampere)

Tytti Mäkinen, Service Manager, Wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland
(Leena Säkäjärvi, Integration Director, Head of Customer Guidance,
Wellbeing services county of Central Uusimaa)

Kirsi Kohonen, Senior Officer in Youth Services, Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland
(Antti Saarinen, Ministerial Adviser, Regional State Administrative Agency for Lapland)

Mika Ranki, Chief Inspector, Police University College
(Terhi Kankaanranta, Senior Researcher, Police University College)

Mikko Aaltonen, Professor, University of Eastern Finland
(Mia Kilpeläinen, University Teacher, University of Eastern Finland)

Heikki Turkka, Team Leader, Children of the Station
(Petri Salakka, Chief of Violence Work, HelsinkiMissio)